2am Wake Up Call

I was sleeping pretty well last night until Kat woke me up at 2 am by climbing on top of me and demanding sex. My wife is usually a pretty sound sleeper and doesn’t like to be woken up. But for whatever reason that night she woke up all hot and bothered. She told me later that when she woke up at 2am she knew she either had to have sex right then or take care of things herself. I don’t remember much about how things got started. The first memory I have is looking up and seeing her sitting on top of me with my dick already inside of her. I imagine she was taking advantage of one of my many nightly erections.

The sex was fast paced. She was grinding down on me with all her might and as I came to my senses I began to use my hands to play with her breasts. She was in total control of this action and I didn’t mind at all. In about half the time as usual she was cumming and enjoying the sensations sweeping over her body. I remember grabbing her hips as she orgasmed and helping her to continue to bounce up and down on me. She had another orgasm in quick succession and I was just a few minutes behind her in my orgasm. We never said a word to each other during the love making session. And as we finished, she simply laid down of top of me and then rolled beside me and drifted back off to sleep. 
What a great middle of the night surprise!

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