Lather, Rinse, Repeat – Part 2

The large shower room in the hotel was filled with steam and two spent lovers after a particularly satisfying shower which ended with my Sweetie bent over a high tub and one very satisfied husband draped over her back. She started to sag, but I had her in a firm grip with my arms around her and further supported her with a massive erection that lingered deep within her.
Due to her working overseas we don’t get to have many nights like this and I have to take care when we do get together so as not to over tax her delicate delicacies. Sweetie said she was going to take a breather and soak in the tub to relax and work out the kinks from traveling. The tub was situated between the shower room and the bedroom with doors that folded back to a full view of the bedroom. I donned one of the terry cloth bathrobes and plopped down on the bed as my lovely wife sat back in the bubbles.

After a few minutes of soaking my Sweetie asked “How’s the Big Guy doing?”
I was trying to be patient for the relaxing to be over as I was still sporting a very sporty erection. I rolled off the bed to face her as she reclined in the tub and responded by opening the robe to reveal a raging red monster. “Tell me how you think I’m doing” I asked her.
“Mmm, he looks delicious! Why don’t you come over here and rub him so I can watch and make sure you don’t lose interest.”
Fat chance of that as I stood there looking down at her breasts as they peeked through the bubbles. I grabbed some lube from the nightstand and dripped it on. Letting the robe open further I grabbed my manhood and began to slowly stroke it as she watched. A big smile grew on her face as I moved closer to the tub for her viewing pleasure. I love showing this woman how much I love her. Granted there are a thousand ways to show your love for each other, but enjoying each others physical pleasure is definitely one of marriages big pluses.
“What do you think of my Little Friend? I asked her as I worked the full length of my cock and offered it to her for inspection. My shaft was shinny due to the prolific polishing it had received earlier and the veins darkened further. The head was in full flower, bright red with clear cum seeping out as I squeezed the base of me to show her what awaited her.
“Hand me my robe so I can dry off and we can continue this discussion” she said as she rose from the tub.
I offered to help, but she said “I’ve got it. You just sit yourself on the couch and be patient.”
After three months of celibacy my long stowed mizzen mast longs to fly free on a quest to circumnavigate the globe, not be patient. Ahrrgg. I don’t think Blackbeard had to be patient. With great self-control I sauntered over to the couch and sat down, but I was not stowing my mizzen, no Mam.

After she dried off she made her made her way over to me. She raised a short nightie over her head and let it cover those lovely curves. Standing there facing me she raised her short nighty slightly and placed one knee on the couch followed by the other so that she was straddling me. Leaning forward with a demure smile she reached down between our legs and using two fingers spread in a “V” directed my stiff and straining member towards her soft folds. She wiggled me back and forth at her entrance and gently lowered herself onto me. I placed my hands softly at her waist in a form of appreciation for what she was giving me. She eased down to about half my length before pausing to adjust herself with a delicious wiggle of those beautiful hips. Lifting up slightly a soft sound comes from her lips and a smile spreads as she resumes her descent and takes all that I have to give her and all that she can give to me. My hands move over her hips and down to her wonderfully round bottom. I cup her cheeks in my hands firmly pulling her towards me so that the inside of her understands just how large my appreciation is for her. A moan escapes both of us as we find what we want in each other. A conspiratorial smile spreads across her face as she leans close to ask me, “Is there anything I can do for you?”
Take any guy in the world and have a beautiful woman willingly take his full measure into her with a smile as if he is the biggest stud in the whole world, then ask him if there is anything else she can do for him? We’ve done this hundreds of times and each time my answer is the same “I’ve got everything I need in my hands.”
I said to her “Take out one of your breasts and give it to me so that I can run my tongue around your nipple”.
Her right hand reached across her left shoulder and pushed the strap of her nightgown down. She cupped her left breast and presented it to me. I took the offer of her nipple and gently circled it several times before taking it fully in my mouth. I must confess that if I live to be a hundred and am able to make love to this woman on a regular basis for that entire time I still will not have had enough of her breasts and tight little nipples.
When we were younger there were many occasions when we (or most likely me) hurried through as though the end was what was desired. Now, on this occasion, we sat solidly and softly wedded together talking softly and remembering other times such as these.
I whisper into her ear “I remember the time I slipped into the ladies room at the campground while you were taking a shower. I was so hard and horny for you. I stripped and came at you from behind putting your hands up on the wall while I just took you.”
“I love being surprised by your cock”, she purrs. To show her pleasure her hot moist interior contracts around my swollen knob.
After suckling her one breast for a time I hunger for more. I reach up to slide the right strap down and the top falls exposing the rest of her. I take both of her breasts in my hands and run my tongue over one nipple and then the other. I want more. I press them together, nipples inches apart so that my tongue circles one and darts quickly to the other around and around. My throbbing mast pulses and lets her know how I feel. She purrs and squeezes back in a most exquisite embrace.
She looks at me and her smile gives way to a hungry look, “I love how when you’re in me and I think that he’s as big as it gets, then he swells some more and I feel him leaking a little.”
As I’ve said before that’s as good as it gets. We sat for an hour or more naked on that couch. Gently rocking, talking quietly, toying with each other savoring the heat within us.

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