Marriage Heat Advice Contest – Big Prize!

This is a quick plea for advice – and not a hot story!

We still have two kids living at home – and don’t want to be too noisy during sex. Our bedroom is situated far away from the kid’s bedrooms. Yet, when we are really going at it – and I mean up and down, pounding the bed – our bed squeaks. We don’t have a cheap bed or an old bed. It is top of the line. The noise seems to be coming from the headboard – made of solid wood. Our bed frame legs or wheels are on a carpet base.

My plea for advice is: What homespun remedies does anyone have for making the headboard portion that is connected to the bed frame  become more quiet? It seems that it is at that connective point where the noise arises. The bolts are tight. The headboard is not hitting the wall.

We often have music playing – but sometimes when we are hot and heavy without first turning music on – my wife especially gets distracted by the fact that we are making a lot of noise. I’d rather not have to always have music playing – especially early in the morning. This happened this morning right before I was cumming – and just right after she came. I want you to know that I would still have written in with this question – if I had been the one to cum!

Whoever gives the best advice wins a free year’s membership to Marriage Heat! *

* – Marriage Heat is already free

Thank you – LH

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