Seaside Getaway story

Twenty years in, our marriage was still developing and growing stronger. Our lives were busy.  There always seemed to be reasons why we couldn’t get away, together, just the two of us. So when the opportunity eventually arose, we were ready.

Let the good times role, even if just for a few tantalizing hours!

Raising a family, work commitments, church, social events and the general humdrum of life had, for many years, conspired against us being just ‘us’.  Just the two of us, like it was in the beginning.

I distinctly remember the first time I spotted her.  She was beautiful.  A little different.  Mischievous.  A touch rebellious even… and that smile, that sexy heart melting smile!  I watched her as she walked past with her cheeky little terrier, Robin, in tow.  I noticed the blond tufts of her wild ‘punk’ hairstyle and dangling multicoloured feather earrings. I saw the black duffel coat, the black and white striped leggings and black army-style boots. Her attitude just screamed: “pay attention.”  So I did.

She was 17.  And I had to make her mine!

Three years later, we both said: “I do,” moved into our place and started our new life together.  It was a life that would bring many blessings and more than a few challenges.  Soon, weeks became months and months became years.  Two became three, three became four, then five, then six.  We were a family and life was full.

But now, twenty years after our first electrifying meeting, for a brief moment, we were together. Just the two of us.

We had taken a trip to the coast.  It was a glorious summer day, and the beach was close to our accommodation. We wanted something a little more secluded, so we grabbed our bicycles and headed along a small coastal track, searching for a quiet spot and, if possible, a bit of privacy.  After a while we left the main road, hid our bikes in some bushes and climbed over some rocks to a small hidden cove.

It was a secluded little beach, well protected by large rocks on both sides, forming a small naturally protected hideaway, perfect for hanging out, making out, or whatever the case may be.  I couldn’t wait to get into the cool refreshing water and to reacquaint myself intimately with this amazing woman I was blessed to call my wife.

It was mid afternoon and quite warm.  Removing my t-shirt, shoes, and socks, I ran into the waves and turned, calling my lovely wife to join me.  To my surprise, she did.  She is not quite as adventurous as I am, so I expected a bit more resistance, but she was soon standing at the water’s edge. She seductively removed her outer garments to reveal much more of her very desirable, curvaceous body.  She wore a cute little black long sleeve rashie, with zip up front and a bikini bottom (The zip was only partly done up, revealing her luscious cleavage and nothing else underneath!).  Ahhh, my heart skipped a beat as I admired her beauty against the backdrop of the rugged coastline.

After testing the water temperature with her toe, my love came closer, and we splashed around like small children for a while.  Splashing, cuddling and kissing followed by more splashing, more cuddling and much, much more passionate kissing…   ‘I am so much in love with this girl’, I thought to myself.  Now a beautiful, dignified Christian wife and mother of four children, she will always be my “sexy girl”.

We had this small piece of paradise all to ourselves, except for a few small leisure craft passing in the distance.  The feeling of the cold, clear water and the gentle tug of the waves on our bodies felt very relaxing.  It was almost perfect.  I say “almost,” because a cheeky thought had begun forming in my head: What would it feel like to swim here completely in the nude?  The thought soon turned to action.  I pulled off my shorts and threw them onto a nearby rock, making sure my sexy wife noticed what I was doing.   She was pleasantly surprised but not completely shocked as I had done this before, many years before.  At the time, I had invited her to join me but having been raised as “a good Christian girl” she always resisted the idea of public nudity. She was happy to let me be the daring or silly one, (although I did manage to get her topless a couple of times when we were alone).

So, imagine my surprise when this sexy, confident creature quickly made her way back to the shore and proceeded to remove her top, carefully laying it on the dry sand.  Wow.  I became extremely aroused at the sight of her gorgeous tits.  “Is it my birthday? Christmas?  Fathers Day?” I thought,  “Or all of the above at once?”  Wow.  Just wow!

To my complete surprise, she didn’t stop there.  She glanced around, checking that the coast was clear, so to speak, and quickly removed her bottoms as well revealing the neatly trimmed mound between her sexy legs.  Then things just got hotter!  She lowered herself down on all fours, her naked body glistening in the warm afternoon sunlight.  Small drops of salty sea water beaded on her skin and dropped gently from her stunning body.  Her incredible boobies swayed seductively and pointedly as she crawled into the water and moved slowly in my direction.  It turns out she was keeping a low profile out of fear she might be spotted by passing boats, but it worked for me!

Am I actually seeing this?  My incredible wife is incredibly sexy!  I was instantly, almost painfully, aware that my penis was standing to attention! I had become rock hard, very quickly.  Our bodies soon met in the water. I could see wobbly images of her nakedness as I tried to watch her through the swirling water. I wrapped my arms around her, pressing my manhood against her tummy, then pushed her away just a little, hoping to gain another glimpse of her nude outline.   Hot, Hot, HOT!

She gave me a very cheeky smile and said, “Do you want to do me, right now?”

That was all the encouragement I needed.  We had never done it in the ocean before.  It felt fantastic.  She was wet, but not just from the sea water.  She wrapped her legs around me tightly as I entered her quickly and easily.

“This is the best,  ahh.” (words failed me) as she continued to ride me and take me to paradise!

We were both so excited to be ‘one’ like this, that we initially failed to notice a small row boat coming around the rocks, only a short distance from us.  My lovely girl freaked out a little, worried we may be caught out in our nakedness, but I reassured her they were too far away to notice our lack 0f swimwear.  Just to be sure, I wrapped my big arms around her body tightly, holding her buns and pulling her pelvis even closer to mine (my manhood remaining in her throbbing pussy).  I turned my back to the intruders.  At best, they would get a bird’s eye view of me, but no big deal.

The would-be sailors continued their adventure and before long our coast was again clear.  We relaxed a little. That is, my arms relaxed their grip on the hot little mermaid in my grasp. But there was nothing ‘relaxed’ about what was going on under the surface of the water.  She was hot and sexy.  I wanted her.  I wanted her NOW!  I thrust myself deeper into to her, building the rhythm, finally exploding with absolute bliss.

We were spent.  We returned to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine, still naked, drying off on the warm rocks before getting dressed and returning to our holiday accommodation.

That evening, as we recounted the day’s events, things started to get heated up, but that’s another story.

My wife is God’s gift to me.  She has all the right bits in all the right places, for me.  I could not imagine a more perfect companion and lover!

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